Our mission

FAME is a community collaboration bringing people together to share, learn, build capacity, and develop a support network to enhance and develop opportunities and to advocate for women and girls in sport and physical activity in Medicine Hat/Southeastern Alberta.

Who We Are:

  • FAME promotes physical activity and sport for girls and women in Medicine Hat/SE Alberta

  • FAME builds a physical activity and sport system for women and girls that is equitable and barrier free

  • FAME enhances and/or develops opportunities for females to be physically active and/or participate in sport

  • FAME envisions women/girls who are active, engaged participants and leaders

  • FAME builds capacities of individuals, organizations, and communities through education, best practices, and support.

Why is this important?

  • Women Executive Directors or CEOs lead 33% of National Sport Organizations and 40% of Multi-Sport Organizations.
    CAAWS.(2011). Canadian women executive directors, ceos or board members of physical activity, multi-sport or national sport organizations. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
  • Only 4% of girls achieved the recommended levels of daily physical activity.

    Colley, R.C., Garriguet, D., Jannsen, I., Craig, C.L., Clarke, J., & Tremblay, M.S. (2011). Physical Activity of Canadian children and youth: Accelerometer data from the 2007 to 2009 Canadian Health Measures Survey. Healthy Reports, 22 (1), 7-14
  • Only 19% of Canadian women participated in sport, compared to 45% of men
    Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute. (2010). Sport participation rates of Canadian adults. 2009 Physical Activity Monitor, Bulletin 08
  • Beginning at the age of 12, girls’ involvement in physical activity declines until only 17% are active by age seventeen

    Hay & Donnelly, 1996
  • There are many social, psychological and physical benefits that come from participating and leading in sport and physical activity
    CAAWS, 2012
  • Girls and women have been underrepresented in the fields, courts, and pools, as well as the locker rooms and board rooms of Alberta.
    CAAWS, 2012

What is Gender Equity?


  •  FAME works to achieve gender equity in sport and physical activity


  •  Gender equity means:

  • – Fairly distributing resources, programs, and decision making to both males and females

    – Addressing any current imbalances of resources, programs, and decision making

    – Girls and women be provided with a full range of activity and program choices that meet their needs, interests and experiences


  •  Gender equity does not mean:

  • – Equality (females and males receive 50% of the resources, programs, and decision making)


  •  Equality focuses on creating the same starting line for everyone. Equity has the goal of providing everyone with the full range of opportunities and benefits – the same finish line.


  • FAME builds capacities of individuals, organizations, and communities through education, best practices, and support.

Girls and women are often more willing to participate in physical activity in their own way, without the concerns of extra competition, the fear of injury, the increased self-consciousness, and the frustration of being excluded that are common in co-ed activities.


Members are a collaboration of women in the community who are interested in advocating, promoting and empowering women to be active at any age.

Katelyn Westerlund

I am a chiropractor at The Ridge Spine and Sport Centre. I have enjoyed sport from a young age, participating in baseball, volleyball, basketball, earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and competing at the World Tae Kwon Do Championships as a teenager. I coach and referee basketball and play in the women’s volleyball league. I joined FAME to help promote female involvement in sport, physical activity, and healthy living.

Chloe Aman

I'm a Chiropractor, and a ringette coach and player. I have been active in sport from a very young age which has given me the confidence to continue to compete in sport as an adult, and also challenge myself to try new activities. I joined FAME because I believe in their mission to support females in sport and physical activity and promote resiliency in young females.

Tara Chisholm

Tara is the current head coach of the Canadian National Women’s Sledge Hockey team. She returned to her hometown of Medicine Hat to finish her Master’s degree in Adapted Physical Activity and start an inclusive sport organization called Medicine Hat Adaptive Sport and Recreation. Tara loves to assist individuals of all ages and ability levels to get active!

Terra Petryshyn

Terra is the City's Recreation Program Coordinator, promoting sport and physical activity in Medicine Hat. One of her most memorable moments is when she helped plan the event to host the Canadian National Women’s Hockey team in Medicine Hat mere weeks before they won their fourth consecutive Olympic Gold Medal in Sochi, Russia. Terra is an avid golfer and a mom of one.

Kayla Repas

Growing up on a farm I developed a love the outdoors and the environment, and therefore enjoy camping, hiking, waterskiing, gardening, and mountain climbing.  I also play a wide variety of sports including basketball, volleyball and soccer. I joined FAME to help make a difference in sport and give women and girls more opportunities to get active.

Kimberlee Brooks

I'm a Registered Dietitian and stepmother and mother to four very active boys.  My mom encouraged me to be active, to be involved with sports and to sweat because it meant I was having fun. A few ways I stay active is by walking my dogs, going for a run, playing ball in the summer, golfing, hiking with my family, and snowshoeing in the winter. I am a part of FAME because I truly believe in our vision!

Sonya Brown

I am a Health Promotion Coordinator and a Coach (Track & Figure Skating). I’ve been active my entire life, and love encouraging everyone (especially females) to participate and find an activity they love. I am a part of FAME because I want to provide opportunities for females to find their passion through an active lifestyle. When I’m not busy working or coaching I have found a passion for CrossFit, snowboarding, running and gardening.