Highlighting local females in action!

For Local Rattler Girls Basketball Players

The newest trend for the Medicine Hat College Rattlers Womens’ basketball team is having more local talent playing for the team. This article finds out why this is important to both the coaches as well as the girls selected to play for the local team.

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McCoy – Becca Bohnet, Alexandra Dooley, Cierra Matsalla, Courtney Rozdeba,  and Dakota Schacher, Kennedy Werre

MHHS – Megan Alcock and Jade Spruyt

EBHS – Megan Getz


•   What does Jason McLester, Head Coach, say about the reason why there is such a high number of local athletes playing for the Rattlers this year?

– I believe that the college is best served when we can showcase local talent and compete at the top of the ACAC. Those two things don’t always happen. We are fortunate enough to have tremendous junior high, high school, and club coaches who have worked with some of the best basketball talent in Alberta and those athletes have chosen to stay home and compete for the Rattlers.

– The role modelling for local girls that goes on with them seeing big, strong female athletes performing on a big stage is an inspiration for them to continue their own athletic interests.

•   What drew them to want to play for the local college team versus any other college or university?

Answers ranged from their parents playing for the Rattlers when they were in college to the family feel and welcoming nature of the coaches and other girls on the team. Staying close to home and to be able to be supported by the community, friends and family also seemed to be a deciding factor in why these ladies chose to go to the Medicine Hat College and play basketball for the Rattlers and Coach Jason McLester.


“There may be people with more talent than you, but there’s no ecuse for anyone to work harder than you.” Kennedy Werre

“Whatever you do, make sure you are passionate about it.” Jade Spruyt

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you want something, go get it.” Megan Getz

Heroes in Life:

Half the girls’ heroes in their lives are family members – from dads, to moms, to sisters who got them into playing sports early on in their lives. Other heroes that inspire our local ladies are Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Derek Jeter, Craig Keilburger.