Courage… grade 9…first year of high school and I was really excited to try out for the basketball team. There were the three levels, grade 9 students tried out for the juniors, midget’s grade 10-11 and seniors grade 12.  I spent hours at the outside court near my house practicing my free throws and lay ups.  Dribbling was not a large part of my practice I will admit. I enjoyed the feeling of making the basket!  That was after all how your team would win; you needed to make the most baskets. I definitely had a shot at making the grade 9 basketball team, after all I practiced every day after school and on the weekends, plus I’m tall and can move quickly on my feet.


Grade 9 try outs I was nervous, however, ready to break out and showcase me!  I had sweaty palms as the coach called each girl individually to share if you made the team or not.  My name was called and as my heart beat out of my chest and palms sweaty the news was….. I made the midget team.  I stood in disbelief, the midget team! That meant I would be playing with grade 10 girls. Wow my practicing really payed off!


Going into that season of basketball I was filled with excitement and nerves. I needed to make friends with my teammates. All my practicing on the court didn’t set me up for what happened next. I was not accepted on the team by the girls. I tried and tried however, I was an intruder to them.  The coach saw us playing as a team on the court, after all, we all wanted the same outcome – to win.


That was the last year I touched a basketball. What came next were many new open doors and opportunities for me to expand my athletic talents and to explore what other sports would have to offer. I expanded my sports to soccer, and track and field, and realized that it took courage for me to walk away from what I had only known and loved for years. It took courage to take the step to try-out for another team, and it took courage to make friends with my new teammates. It wasn’t easy, however, I am forever grateful for all the opportunities that came my way after I learned how to “courage”. If you get cut from a team don’t give up, continue to have courage. Take a leap and try something new, it could end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.


“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Brené Brown


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