FAME Q&A with Olivia Avinou


How often do you dance? – (Mom) 4 days/week

Why did you start ballet? – (Mom) The first time Olivia saw the Nutcracker, Miss Sumen approached her and commented on how much potential she saw in her legs and feet.

What’s it like to train for ballet? – (Olivia) It is fun!  I like learning how to do the splits.

What do like the most about ballet? – (Olivia) dancing and performing.

What do you like about school? – (Olivia) decorating the tree in our classroom.

What other things do you like to do besides ballet? – (Olivia) horseback riding, swimming, skiing, and camping.

What do you want to do when you grow up? – (Olivia) teach ballet

Do you ever get nervous before perform? – (Olivia) no, never.

What are some of your highest achievements in ballet? – (Mom) When Olivia was 5 she won most outstanding ballet solo.  She was judged in a group of dancers that were 6-12 years old!  (Olivia) I have 3 trophy’s already and I want to get 2 more!