Fifteen year old Jordan Mortlock has been playing hockey since she was five playing on a local grassroots Tim Bits hockey team and this year making our local SEAC Bantam AAA team as the only female on the team and one of the few females in the league.  “Jordan is an exceptional athlete and hockey player, with a terrific personality, a strong mental focus and a work ethic to match,” says this year’s Bantam AAA Head Coach, Terry Ballard.

Growing up Mortlock loved being at the rink whether it was for her own practice/ game or watching one of her three older brothers.  She found her love for the sport at a very young age, however she was a well-rounded multisport athlete that played a multitude of sports (baseball, soccer, basketball, golf) and has competed at provincial and national level competitions for swimming.

This past April, Jordan took part in the Pursuit of Excellence Showcase in Kelowna British Columbia and was offered a position at the Pursuit of Excellence Academy in which she accepted.  Jordan will be attending her grade ten year at George Elliot Secondary School and is prepared to stay for the remainder of her high-school if given the opportunity with the goal of receiving a scholarship to an NCAA school.  Mortlock states “the program is quite intense with 7am skills training, 3 hours of high school curriculum, on ice training and then finish off the day with a weight session in the evening.  You must really love the sport to go for it.”   Jordan is very excited for the opportunity and willing to give it all she’s got.  Her advice to younger females is sometimes you will have support from team mates, coaches, community etc. and other times you might not but it if you love it just go for it


Kayla Hammel, FAME Committee Member