Name: Madison Marshall

Age: 15

Sport: Volleyball

Team: Brooks Composite High School Team/ Panthers Club Team

Long Term Goal: Play professional volleyball

Hero: Junior High Coach – Shawn Lachapelle

“He’s believed in my since day one, putting me on the senior team in grade seven.  I always looked up to him because of the way he coached and treated us.  He was there to have fun but also to play serious volleyball at the same time.  He was always happy to be there and enjoyed what he was doing and I hope to be a coach like him one day.”

Highlight to Date: Making Team Alberta and the National Team

Madison headed to Edmonton for tryouts for team Alberta which was a lengthy 10 days followed by a 2 day tournament which allowed the coaches to see the talent in real game play.  Following the tournament they picked the team and Madison was one of the 24 girls chosen to make up the 2 teams for Team Alberta, out of the 60 girls that tried out.  Two additional practice days were given to the teams and then they headed to Richmond, BC for Nation Team Challenge Cup (NTCCs).  The NTCC was four days in length and Madison’s team ended up losing in the finals to Team Ontario though the game was quite close.  Following the final game the Youth National Team (Top 40 girls in Canada U16 to U18) was announced, Madison had made the team once again.  After the announcement the girls packed up onto a bus once again and headed to Whistler BC where the Youth National team went through a volleyball development camp which gives the coaches a good idea of the talent coming up the system for future years (U18).

“The whole experience has been the best on in my volleyball years.  Not only did I learn a lot about the sport but I learned so much about myself, and dreams really do come true!  When I was in Junior high my long term goal was to play for Team Canada and I am already half way there! Lastly, one of my favourite things about this experience was getting the opportunity to play with and meet girls from across Canada!  This is definitely something I will never forget!”

Madison’s tip of inspiration to others: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s the only way you’ll succeed”