“Positive State of mind,  more energy, school stress release, fun, ho ho ha ha ha.” Melanie. These are words from a teen participant’s point of view. All words that describe an exercise program called Laughter Yoga. I knew from my experience what laughter yoga had done for me. It had helped me when I was down and out battling with depression. I became a Laughter Yoga leader to have the tools in my tool box to help me get through my day. What happened is, I realized Laughter Yoga was my gift to share with the world. I am passionate about sharing laughter yoga exercises and its many physical and mental benefits for people of all ages. I worked with teens for 9 years and saw the daily struggles they had to deal with.  Melanie is one of my teens that I shared one on one sessions with. The reason she reached out was to learn more about how Laughter Yoga could help her with anxiety and stress. Melanie enjoys sharing her laughter yoga exercises with her friends, and says even they see the benefits. At first, her friends were unsure, and now that they have done it, they enjoy sharing in the laughter exercises. She encourages all teens to try Laughter Yoga at least once. She has found that Laughter Yoga has been a very powerful tool for her, in her daily life toolbox.  She says she practices daily, even if it is alone and notices the benefits. Melanie was valedictorian at her grad this year and was under a great deal of stress. Just a few days before the ceremonies we shared in a session, and she said it helped calm her nerves and cope with her anxiety.  The session allowed her to be in a positive space for what may lay ahead in the days before her graduation. Stress release and helping with anxiety are just a few of the many Laughter Yoga health benefits.  Laughter Yoga fills your body with feel good hormones!  This feeling could last hours or even days. Melanie says she loves the meditation that ends our session. I have to say I agree!  I refer to it as the moment your soul soaks up all the joy from your laughter massage. Melanie encourages all teens to try laughter yoga and see if it is a fit for you. Thank you Melanie for being courageous and open to sharing your story. Fame Member:

Angélique Doyle Giggle Guru
Awaken Personal Enlightenment